Outdoor Cooking and Gardening

Eddie van aken

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates

What I do

Eddie van Aken cooking on a Kamado grill
Outdoor Cooking

From cooking at a high temperature on the grill to low and slow on the smoker.

Eddie van Aken in the vegetable garden

Growing my own vegetable in any form or shape to ensure that we eat as healthy as possible.

Explore your world

Most people think that they have to travel to exotic countries to see the world. You have a whole beautiful world in your own backyard. Ready to be explored and used for gardening and outdoor cooking.

Upcoming things

I always have thing in the pipeline and ideas and here you can read

Reviews of grills

On this website, I will not do reviews of grills and smokers. I have a website called Better Grills where I do that and you can find it here: https://bettergrills.com/

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Eddie van Aken

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