About Me

There is not too much to tell about Eddie van Aken. I have been in the restaurant business for many years and use my experience in that field to share my knowledge here.

Since I love to cook outdoors on the grill and was born in Holland some people gave me the nickname Dutch Pitmaster.

Good Taste

Having a good taste is something you can learn. Stick a spoon in your pot and taste.

Add some more herbs or seasoning and taste again to experience the difference.

Good Health

Good health starts in our gut. We have to eat to stay alive so we might as well make it a healthy meal.


In the last decades we waste more food and farmland then in many centuries before.

We have to make our food sources sustainable for us and generations to come after us,

My Achievements

I don’t like to tuut my own horn so I leave it up to others if they have something nice to say about me.

For many years I wrote under a fake name on the website https://bettergrills.com/ I did reviews of indoor and outdoor grills there.

Recently I decided to change that to my own name Eddie van Aken.

Why Me?


Everday Something New

I am a strong believer that you have to try to learn something new every day. That does not mean that it is always food or garden related.

Exceptional Food

Food has to be of a good quality and I am not just talking about taste.

It needs to be made of the best ingredients you can find and afford.


Easy Recipes

I like to keep my recipes as easy as posible.

That means that I use as less ingredients as I can to keep it simple.

Recipes with more than 6 or 7 herbs or spices make no sense to me.



My life is busy as it is. I publish recipes from other chefs here also.

I mainly use people I know or are having a good reputation and a high experience in the field.


Support Availability

You can always contact me or add a comment to my posts and I will try to answer as fast as I can to answer your questions,


Accessible Ingredients

The ingredients I use are, in most cases, available in you local stores.

I see to many recipes that contain spices I have never heard of and got no idea where to get them.


Eddie van Aken

Grill Master

Miss BBQ

Pit Master

Soon to come

Nutritionist Expert