Indirect Grilling

Before I started to do more indirect grilling I have overcooked and even burnt many hamburgers, hot dogs, and even pork chops.

All these things happened in the time that I was beginning with outdoor cooking.

What is Indirect grilling?

Indirect cooking on a grill

As you can see on the picture I made of my grill while cooking some pork chops the fire stays on one side of the grill and the meat on the other side.

That is the basics of indirect grilling. The meat and the heat source are separated.

Most of the time when I use this method I close the lid of my grill and regulate my air in and outlets in a way that the temperature stays around 350 degrees.

In this instance, I did not place the grill grate over the fire as I most of the time do to make it more clear in the picture how it is set up.

If you keep the grate over the fire you can use that first to sear the meat on direct heat.

Advantage Of Indirect Grilling

Before I start to write about the advantages of indirect grilling I have to make it clear that this is my opinion. Like with anything else other people might, and probably will, have a different opinion.

The main advantage of the indirect grilling method is that you will have the option to move the meat, or anything else you grill, away from the fire and actually create hot and cold zones.

The meat that is the closest to the meat will cook a little faster and you will have to move it around every once in a while depending on what you are grilling.

One of the main advantages of indirect cooking is that you are able to lower the temperature in the grill to a level of 225 – 250 degrees and that means you can use it as a smoker and cook on low and slow.

I have done this many times before I had my Ugly Drum Smoker and had no other option than to do it this way.

Boston buts on a grill

As you can see in the picture this is the way I used to smoke Boston Buts by setting up my grill for indirect grilling and lowering the temperature to 225 degrees.

Even with a regular round grill as the Weber Kettle, you can set it up in a way that it is possible to use it for indirect grilling.

Eddie van Aken

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